Thursday Therapy

Thursday Therapy: Framed Windmill

Since I got home from work yesterday, all I have wanted to do is dig into the Kristyne Czepuryk Blogger’s Choice bundle that showed up in the mail yesterday.


I drifted off dreaming of those dreamy fabrics.  But I made a committment to myself to clean my closet today.  And I did.  But after that herculean task, I was exhausted.

But the call of the fabric was too much.  So I thought I would do an easy block.  Sigh.  Don’t cut and sew tired, my friends.  I sewed the little triangles onto the wrong ends.  Seam rip.  I cut the 45 degree angle on the back instead of the front of one of the rectangles.  Seam rip.  I seamed rip the wrong seam.  Seam rip.  And then I ended up with an 11.5 inch square.  So a little gold border got added.


This ended up being an adorable little block, even with the random border.  And now I am going to go to bed.

(What is Thursday Therapy? Every Thursday in 2014, I am making one block from Shape Workshop for Quilters by Katy Jones, Brioni Greenberg, Tacha Bruecher, John Q. Adams.  Because the best defense is patchwork.)


Fabric Fancy: Glasses

Today’s fabric fancy all started with this post on Red Pepper Quilts.  I love love love her quilts, and I can guarantee that whatever fabric she backs her quilts in, I will want a million yards of it.  I usually am able to resist, but I absolutely couldn’t with that Julia Rothman typewriter print.  Which followed too much time trying to track down where to buy some.  Short answer: nowhere.  I couldn’t find any place that had any.  I am holding out hope for my next trip to Sarah’s fabric in Lawrence – that store can hold hidden gems.

But my trip to a bazillion online fabric sites yielded some other finds.  I totally got suckered into the glasses trend.  The damage is limited to these little bits.  There are probably a dozen other glasses prints out there, but these will do for now.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.07.47 PM

I know they will make it into my “Favorite Things and Raccoons” quilt that I am slowly working on.  Because one of my favorite things is my new glasses… these new specs were winding their way to me the same time this fabric was…


I think the geeky glasses might be one of my thangs.

In Progress, QALs

#feathersqal #kindness

A mixture of weather (good) and gastrointestinal distress (bad) meant less than the normal amount of sewing. Still a lot, but not a, let’s say, “crazy” amount. I did find time Saturday to work on my feathers blocks for the Feathers QAL – I still am a week behind. I am not fast at these, but they are fun. And the accuracy of the blocks is ta die for.

In addition to creating all the prettiness, I love how supportive and kind and generous people are with their encouraging comments when I post something to Instagram. Truly awesome. And I love seeing all of the other quilters’ fabric combinations. I am very happy I dove into this one.  Sewing and kindness – can’t beat that.


My blocks E and F, mostly with fabrics from Joel Dewberry’s and Anna Maria Horner’s true colors lines.  That pink medallion fabric at the upper left is my new favorite fabric.

In Progress

The State of Things

A roundup of what I am working on…

Just for fun…

Favorite Things + Raccoons Quilt for my 40th – including some selfish stitching and some awesome iron-ons. Hoping this one can use up a lot of my left over charm squares.


For somebody else…

The Arghhh! Baby Pirate Quilt for my cousin’s baby.  So fun and so cute.  I think I design better quilts when I get out of my own style.  This one is so composed – really cute, I think.  The quilting still is crap – but that’s ok.  How picky can babies be?  Worked on this one quite a bit tonight, hoping to finish this week.  Here is a tiny peek of the back…


Just need to get done…

This bluebird park baby quilt.  It is cute?  I dunno.  Just so unmotivated to finish, but need to – just to clear the decks.  Baste, Quilt, Bind – how hard could it be?


Getting excited about…

Starting on this little beauty.  I think after I catch-up on the feathers QAL – or even get ahead – I’ll start working on this one.  Expecting it to be a stash buster, as it were.


In Progress

Selfish Stitching

My husband and I have been watching a lot of QI on Youtubes on our TV lately.  And I just can’t sit and watch television, I have to do something else – so when I am not binding a quilt, I have started to work on these dordables embroidery projects from patterns from Sublime Stitching.  I am making blocks for what will become a quilt I make for myself to celebrate my 40th birthday.  Selfish and soooo fun!  I am rubbish at embroidery, but I still love the effect of the whimsical little designs on my favorite fabric.

Here is what I have gotten done so far. (I most likely will redo the sea nettles now that I have figured out how to do french knots.)


Fabric, Project Linus, Ta Da Done

Project Linus #6: Dots and Squares Baby Blanket

I love this quilt.  Love the colors.  Love the polka dots.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the Oh, Deer! (Momo for Moda) fabric on the back…

the little deers and squirrels…


the soaring birds…


Here is the front – the only thing I would do differently is to make all the centers of the squares white – I think that would make it just that mush fresher (although it is a pretty fresh quilt right now.)

IMG_1194And here is the epic back.  Truly just amazing fabric… even the great pictures my husband took don’t do it justice – it is GORGEOUS.


I hope a little girl and her family will love this quilt as much as me.  And 1 out of 12 done for my Project Linus quilts for this year.

(Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday!)

Color Crush, Thursday Therapy

Thursday Therapy: Who Wore It Better?

I have been recreating some of the blocks I have created for Thursday Therapy in my color crush colors – and I think I am going to abandon the old color palette for this new color palette for my weekly blocks… what do you think – who wore it better – scrappy brights or grown-up aqua and red?

First up – “Three in the Breeze”


Both are lovely – in this block I can’t decide.

In this one, though…

IMG_0148No, doubt the one on the right – just so much more composed.  I think it is mostly because of the palette.

So now I have 4 blocks in the “old” color palette – that because of my plodding patchworking skills, took me hours to make.  I think I will keep them for a future Project Linus quilt.

I think the wilder color palette looks good with simple squares and rectangles patchwork.  The squares with lots of patchwork shapes look better in the calmer palette.  I dunno.  But it is onward and upward with the new palette.  There is no stopping me!  Well, except for needing to sleep and go to work, but other than that…

Happy Thursday!