No. More. Fabric. I mean it, srsly. Total ban on all fabric shopping until Valentine’s day. This. Means. You. (well, me). I have tried to focus on projects that use up my stash – the problem is that so much of it is pretty old and not what I would choose to quilt with nowadays. Lots of beige-y yellows and forest greens. But once I get through the following list, I will make a month of just quilting with stash – all fabric is pretty if chopped up small enough. 🙂

I will start as soon as I get through this to-do list.

1. Arrrrgh! Pirate Quilt for a baby coming soon in the family. I am going to use the Brickyard pattern to show off all of the awesome fabricy goodness in the Buried Treasure collection . Mail ordered fabric THAT. SHOULD. BE. HERE. ANY. DAY. NOW.

2. I on a whim bought some Joel Newberry bungalow charm packs. Not knowing what I was going to do with it. Rookie mistake. Super rookie. And so I started an epic baby quilt for a friend who I think had a girl. Ugh. It is beautiful… but has many many 2.5 in squares. And so it didn’t get done because I got sleepy. I need to buckle down. If she had a boy (we have fallen out of touch), I will give it to Project Linus.


3. I need to quilt and bind a top I finished a loooong time ago using fabrics from Bluebird Park. The color scheme just didn’t speak to me. I love the fabric and pattern, but I think I should have chosen another color for the background than that blue. But once I quilt and bind I can send it to Project Linus who will hopefully find a home for it.


4. Um, so I need to finish the new quilt I started on SUNDAY. (J’idiot) because I got some Oh, Deer! from Sarah’s fabrics. I just couldn’t turn away from it. I am 80% done with the quilt top. And then it will go on it’s way to Project Linus.


5. I am going to do the Feathers Quilt-a-long, using True Colors by Anna Maria Horner, I can’t frickin’ wait.

I think that is it… I’ll keep you posted. And no more fabric. No more.

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