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The good news is that I need to make at least three quilts for my new living room so that everybody can be cuddled up when it gets cold in our drafty old house.  The bad news is that my living room has a color palette not reminiscent of Easter Bunny farts.  We went with grey and bold colors… not a lot of precious greens and pinks.  And so I have been stretching my palette (here and here).


It has hard for me to get inspired to work on a quilt because I prefer, well, baby colors? But then the Feathers Quilt Along came along.  I LOVE this quilt (pattern/pictures here) – looks like Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass.  So all week I have been catching up – and learning how to add my pictures to Instagram and Flikr feeds using tags – I am a bit behind.  Next I need to find out what a “Linky Party” is.


I got to play with colored pencils for my design.


And then I got to wait patiently for the Anna Maria Horner true colors FQ bundle to arrive in the mail.  I am using “Nest” by Mark Hordyszynski/Michael Miller for the background. I ended up adding a few more fabrics from my stash to the color line up – mostly other Anna Maria Horner prints.


And then blocks A & B.  It took me a bit to get into the paper-piecing groove of things.  It was slow going at first, but I do love how accurate the blocks turn out.  Loverly.


And then today I finished blocks C & D just moments ago.  These went much more quickly.

And I am going to get pretty braggy here… I got my blocks linked to #feathersQAL on Instragram.  Like a computer genius, I am.

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