Fancy Flowers Baby Quilt

I finished a quilt – binding and everything!!! This one started by pictures of pillows on pinterest, like this one:


I love the little squares of bit patterns. The little snippets of leaves and petals totally enchanted me. So using a charm pack (or two, or three) of Joel Dewberry’s Bungalow, I made a grid of 2 1/2 inch squares of the big floral prints. And then a lot of time passed. And today I quilted and bound and smiled…


I framed the center square in some of the awesome geometric squares, and then a frame of more wittle squares. I backed in the purply birdy fabric from the line and bound it in the creamy browny stripe. Love stripey bindings.


I usually don’t like contrasting thread on quilt tops, and not only because my machine quilting still is so amateurish. But there are so many colors on this quilt top, any color thread would be contrasting. So I went balls to the walls purple in a cross hatchy thingie. And I think I like it. I do like the little 1/2 square triangles that pop out


I even kind of like the pattern made on the bigger squares. Kind of.


I still don’t know what I am going to do with this. It makes an adorable table runnery thing. Maybe I will redecorate my dining room around the colors in it? Oh, just really, really kidding.


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