In Progress, QALs

#feathersqal #kindness

A mixture of weather (good) and gastrointestinal distress (bad) meant less than the normal amount of sewing. Still a lot, but not a, let’s say, “crazy” amount. I did find time Saturday to work on my feathers blocks for the Feathers QAL – I still am a week behind. I am not fast at these, but they are fun. And the accuracy of the blocks is ta die for.

In addition to creating all the prettiness, I love how supportive and kind and generous people are with their encouraging comments when I post something to Instagram. Truly awesome. And I love seeing all of the other quilters’ fabric combinations. I am very happy I dove into this one.  Sewing and kindness – can’t beat that.


My blocks E and F, mostly with fabrics from Joel Dewberry’s and Anna Maria Horner’s true colors lines.  That pink medallion fabric at the upper left is my new favorite fabric.


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