The State of Things

A roundup of what I am working on…

Just for fun…

Favorite Things + Raccoons Quilt for my 40th – including some selfish stitching and some awesome iron-ons. Hoping this one can use up a lot of my left over charm squares.


For somebody else…

The Arghhh! Baby Pirate Quilt for my cousin’s baby.  So fun and so cute.  I think I design better quilts when I get out of my own style.  This one is so composed – really cute, I think.  The quilting still is crap – but that’s ok.  How picky can babies be?  Worked on this one quite a bit tonight, hoping to finish this week.  Here is a tiny peek of the back…


Just need to get done…

This bluebird park baby quilt.  It is cute?  I dunno.  Just so unmotivated to finish, but need to – just to clear the decks.  Baste, Quilt, Bind – how hard could it be?


Getting excited about…

Starting on this little beauty.  I think after I catch-up on the feathers QAL – or even get ahead – I’ll start working on this one.  Expecting it to be a stash buster, as it were.


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