Thursday Therapy

Thursday Therapy: Framed Windmill

Since I got home from work yesterday, all I have wanted to do is dig into the Kristyne Czepuryk Blogger’s Choice bundle that showed up in the mail yesterday.


I drifted off dreaming of those dreamy fabrics.  But I made a committment to myself to clean my closet today.  And I did.  But after that herculean task, I was exhausted.

But the call of the fabric was too much.  So I thought I would do an easy block.  Sigh.  Don’t cut and sew tired, my friends.  I sewed the little triangles onto the wrong ends.  Seam rip.  I cut the 45 degree angle on the back instead of the front of one of the rectangles.  Seam rip.  I seamed rip the wrong seam.  Seam rip.  And then I ended up with an 11.5 inch square.  So a little gold border got added.


This ended up being an adorable little block, even with the random border.  And now I am going to go to bed.

(What is Thursday Therapy? Every Thursday in 2014, I am making one block from Shape Workshop for Quilters by Katy Jones, Brioni Greenberg, Tacha Bruecher, John Q. Adams.  Because the best defense is patchwork.)


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