This is a quilt for the pending baby of my cousin Josh. I really love this quilt. The theme for the baby’s room is Pirate. I asked Josh’s mom what the theme was when I was thinking about the quilt to make, and it was duh, Pirate. Josh and his wife take pirate-themed vacations where they dress up like pirates – like I said, duh.

photo (20)

The pirate quilt was fun and easy to make. Fighting against using negative space, I tried to come up with a design that would use the amazing pirate-themed layer cake that I bought for the quilt. But the fabrics were just too bright and busy. I realized this when I sat down to start piecing together my (already) cut pieces. So DH agreed to take me to the fabric store where I bought an awesome steel grey. I ended up using a lot less of the layer cake, but what I did use, really does shine now.

photo (4)

And the back is AMAZING. I love this fabric.  I added a clumsily-appliqued anchor on the back.


securedownload (2)

securedownload (1)

photo 1

photo 2

And there are ships… and parrots… and sharks… and treasure. Arghhh!

I am starting to hate looooong strippy sashing less. It helped that this one only required width-of-fabric strips. I also couldn’t love the grey more. Greys are the bomb.  All in all, guhreat project.  As soon as I find the power to do it, I am going to write up the pattern for this one.  If nothing else, I think I will want to remember how I did that one the next time I find a set of super busy prints I want to use for a baby quilt.

(Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish Friday.  Woot!)

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