The state of things: frustration, delay, too much to do

I have a lot going on.  My sewing eyes were bigger than my sewing stomach.
Too Much To Do
The deadline for my three-zip pouch partner swap is fast approaching.  I have made two pouches – one for my mom that was pretty, if not a wee bit wonky –
the other abysmal – gorgeous fabric but with super wonky zippers and top stitching and zipper tabs that disappeared.
I need to do the real thing this weekend, plus I think I am going to make one for a friend for her birthday out of Anna Maria Horner Field Study fabric that is so beautiful it could make you cry…
Next, I need to catch up on #feathersqal.  I have 1.5 sets of blocks to sew (K, M, N) and then sashing.  I have until 3/14 to finish my top to hit the QAL deadline.  I think I may take the weekend off from this project.  I love the quilt – it is going to be truly fabulous, but it takes brain power and time – two things I am lacking a bit of recently.  I *might* have cheated and sewed some of the strips together with completed blocks.  It is really soo frickin’ cool!
I am participating in the Color Intensive class given by Rachel @ Stitched in Color and I know there is a delicious project that starts tomorrow – the project that enticed me to sign up for the class.  So… I’ll do that on… um, extra Sunday?  It would be so great if we got an extra Sunday this weekend! I will need to wait until the assignment is posted… but right now I am thinking I will use this GE F’ing ORGEOUS AMH fabric with these fancy pants trims.
This… which I finished in early December and dropped off to the quilter, still isn’t done.  I wish, wish, wish I knew how to sew something this big on my home machine.  Because I really, really want to have it.  My favorite fabrics – and gorgeous gray.  Patience – I was told I could call back on Monday to check on it.
I was zipping along on this hexagon table topper, but the last few rows are very wonky.  I want to be done with it so I can have it for my table and kiss and love it, but I won’t be happy unless I redo the wonky rows.  Need to make a date with a seam ripper.  Sigh.
Sooooo…  three-zip pouch, feathers QAL, stitched in color class, unquilted quilt, seam ripping hexagons…. so, um… last night I brushed all of that aside and started a new project.
Sigh.  But I saw a pattern, flash of inspiration and started this little quilt for a little girl I owe a gift to.  It is so simple and beautiful and fun – and uses stash fabric.  Can I get a woot woot?  Seriously, that extra Sunday would come in so handy right now.  For now, I am going to ignore my to-do list.  See if I don’t!

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