Spring Storage

It has been a tough winter.  Can I get an Amen?  The weather almost everywhere has been cruddy.  Our weather has been better than most, so I can’t imagine how hard this winter has been for some areas of the US.  I think the snow and freezing has passed (knock on wood), and coincidentally things are getting better for me and mine.
* Our defunct bathroom is about to be funct.  And somewhat stylish.  It will be done soon.  Can’t wait.
* My job is getting better.  It has been the worst… a combination of monotonous mind-numbing tasks, limbo, and swallowing my pride day after day after day.  But it is getting better. Probably should knock on some wood again.
* A bunch of expense is behind us.  I have been watching money flow out at an alarming rate.  I am very much looking forward to belt tightening to save for a new roof.  No, really, I am.  Christmas, birthdays, subfloors – all paid for and a bit of a spell before any spending is needed.  And I have plenty of fabric.  Ok, more than plenty.  😉
I started this little hexagon joy a few weeks ago to avoid other sewing projects I wasn’t so much into – mostly quilting tops and, ahem, a certain feathers quilt with a shit ton of paper piecing. It started with some doodles…
and then I got a 1/2 hexagon template from Missouri Star Quilt Co and pulled out all the fabrics that reminded me of spring and summer… purples, blues, greens, pinks, blues, yellows.  Yum.  And I cut up some of my precious Tim Holtz Dictionary.
When figuring out what I wanted to do, it looked so much better on paper in my mind, with the hexagon points running across the table.  And so there are 22 points to bind… and then this became the project I was avoiding.Manning up, I bound and bound and bound.  It really is not very good, but the overall effect is ok, and I “level upped” my point binding.
The table runner fits over my leaf perfectly – looking like it is storing summer in its hexagon cells.  And I think it goes pretty darn well with my dining room wall hanging (and BIG bottle of Maker’s Mark DH got from my parents for his birthday :).
And one more gratuitous picture…  as soon as there are any garden flowers, there are going in those espresso cups to scream that spring is here.  Heck, I might even put hunks of my lawn in there if it starts to green up… any spring, any plant life will do.

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