Thursday Therapy – Big and Small!

Slowly but surely I am getting caught up on the goal of completing a block for my aqua and red 2014 sampler quilt every week.  Right now I am only 5 blocks (5 weeks) behind. I got two wee (6″ blocks) done… Little appliqued hexie flower: Wee scrappy trip-along: And then a giant (24″) Carpenter’sContinue reading “Thursday Therapy – Big and Small!”

JOY! A Quilt Finish for an Amazing Woman

I have found one of my favorite things about quilting and sewing is the ability to express my love through a handmade gift.  Forcing a little zippered bag or a quilt on a friend makes me very happy.  (Definitely not a unique feeling amongst sewists, I’m sure – based on all of the swaps and posts IContinue reading “JOY! A Quilt Finish for an Amazing Woman”

Thursday Therapy is Everyday! (vol. 2)

I have developed something I call “Sewer’s Hip”.  I hurt my hip in a spin class a few weeks ago and it has been exacerbated by my sewing chair / pedal foot position.  It has resulted in me sort of lurching when I stand up and start walking.  It got pretty bad… painful and embarrassing.Continue reading “Thursday Therapy is Everyday! (vol. 2)”

More Little Girl Quilts – Three Finishes

I think I have almost worked through my making-quilts-for-little-girls phase.  First there were was this one… I wanted to make bright chevrons on a mostly neutral quilt.  This quilt was an absolute blast…. my points are getting much crisper, and nothing much better than these warm, girlie colors on the background of my favorite fabric.Continue reading “More Little Girl Quilts – Three Finishes”