Ta Da Done

Mini Quilt!

I finished my mini quilt for the Schnitzel and Boo swap.  My partner has taste that is pretty different than mine, so it was fun to make her something.  It is not perfect, but it was made with a lot of heart, and I am happy with it.  I was inspired by this mini quilt by Canoe Ridge Creations.


I added some tea and chocolate and extra fabric to the package and it will start its journey tomorrow.  Yay!


Thanks much to the woman behind Schnitzel and Boo for hosting – this isn’t a small undertaking.  And I do think she is the cutest woman in the quilting blogosphere.  And I am sure her name isn’t Schnitzel and Boo, I don’t know what it is though.

Fabric, Ta Da Done

Charmless Charm Pack Cherry!

This was sort of my present to myself.  The wall hanging I made for the dining room started to bug me – beautiful fabrics, but too girly.  And so when I got some Suzoko Koseki fabric for myself for my birthday – I decided I wanted to combine it with some linen for a new hanging.  Still bright, still feminine, but a bit more grown up.  (The quilt that was there is going to be a Project Linus donation.)

And I wanted a simple pattern.  Something sort of Rita-ish.  I decided on the charm pack cherry.  Which was very simple, except for all of the cutting.  Which one wouldn’t need to do if one were to use a charm pack.  A really great pattern – one I will do again someday, but actually use charm packs.  IMG_1686

I love how this turned out, and am choosing not to fret about some of the text fabrics being upside down.  Great colors, lots of text, and beautiful, beautiful linen.  Continuing to channel Rita, I used a black and white stripe binding.


And channeling myself, quilt it very simply – mostly in the ditch, carrying the lines of the rectangles through the squares.


Ta Da Done

Fusion Star!

We got some new bookcases (literally absolutely the last ones that will fit in our house) and it created a little space where I could hang something.  So I made a wee quilt.  Of course. <Insert husband eye roll>

For being only 24″ it took me almost a whole day.  It is a fantastic paper-piecing (FREE!) pattern from Sew What, Sherlock.  Lots of time, lots of mess and paper… but the precision is so worth it.  This is not something I could do with just plain ‘ol piecing.  The colors were pulled from the rug in the living room (uninspiring, but my rug IS lovely). I bound it in the only red I had that matched the color in the carpet – a 20+ year old Moda print. I am SO LUCKY the color didn’t run when I washed it!  I did my favorite type of quilting – intersecting diagonal and straing lines.

Love it, love the pattern, love the colors, love how it looks above our bookshelves.


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