WIPs – The Unruly State of Things

This year I have completed 29 projects.  Basically a project every week.  I think that pace is too fast.  But like many quilters, I want to move quickly so I can sew all the things.  Many (most) of my projects were smallish…4 mini quilts, 1 table runner, 1 mug rug, 3 wall hangings that wereContinue reading “WIPs – The Unruly State of Things”

Twin Baby Boy Quilts for the Space Age

A friend of mine at work is having twin boys. She is a wonderful person – she possesses the sort of kindness that is rarely seen. Quiet and kind and smart. Did I mention she is a wonderful person? We aren’t close friends by any stretch – but she is the sort of person youContinue reading “Twin Baby Boy Quilts for the Space Age”