Quilting Minimalism

I have been on a slllloooooow path to minimalism.  I discovered that I wanted to embrace some of the tenets of minimalism earlier this year – about the same time my fabric obsession kicked into full gear.  I have done pretty well with my foray into minimalism – I have a very small wardrobe now, have cleaned out lots of things, really don’t buy many consumer goods at all.  EXCEPT for fabric and patterns.  Oy.

I love fabric.  And I have experienced scarcity first hand (uh, Ledger by Carolyn Friedlander) so feel compelled to buy in case I can’t get it later.

Well, that is silly.  And it isn’t.  I love fabric.  And I have found that the whole quilting community is great, but it very much is a capatilistic endeavor, of course.  Giveaways, blog hops, vendor postings.  I.want.it.all.


But I really do have it all.  In the past six months, I have developed an awesome stash.  Truly wonderful piles of gorgeous fabrics in all the colors.  I can stop buying and have enough fabric for projects for quite awhile.  But I know it will be hard.  Because I love fabric – and I am not the best at “making do”.

But I know I will be happier in the long term if I stop buying and start finishing.  And so I try to embrace quilting minimalism again.  Here is my plan:

1. Do not buy any non-fabric quilting stuff EXCEPT for thread, batting, needles, and replacementrotary cutter blades.

2. The only fabrics I am going to buy are Kona Solids as needed and my Fabric Shoppe color bundle club. 

2a) I don’t really like using or working with solids – I see them as a necessary evil tokeep quilts looking fresh by balancing all of the prints I love and use.  So I know I won’t go overboard.  (knock on wood)
2b) I love the color bundle club unreasonably.  I have built my stash with so much cute stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have chosen – and I love that it is a surprise every month.

3. Stop following blogs that are heavy on product endorsements or sponsored giveaways vs. finished projects, patterns, and inspiration.  I definitely see the point of all of that – this is ‘merica after all – but it just builds up all this desire in me – unneccessary desire.  Here is an example – did anybody else feel like they would get kicked off the island if they didn’t buy a shitton of cotton + steel?

Here is the downside:

1. I HATE piecing backings and batting. HATES it.  But it will build my character. Or something like that.

2. Much fewer endorphin rushes that I get when I receive fabric in the mail.  Gawd, I love that feeling.  Happy Mail, indeed.

Waaaaay much more upside!


1. Lots more endorphin rushes of using up scraps and stash.  Turning fabric in drawers into cool and pretty quilts and things.

2. More money in the bank.

3. Building my creativity while “making do”.  Although calling working with my stash “making do” is a bit of a stretch.

4. Not being distracted by shiny new things so that I can finish the patterns and WIPs I want to…  V’s houndstooth, Allison Glass’ Celestial, Gypsy Wife, my pending Project Linus quilts.

So the adventure begins…

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2 thoughts on “Quilting Minimalism

  1. Excellent points. I too have been feeling the unrelenting commercialism of some blogs. Now to figure out which ones to stop following!

  2. Same philosopy here…..way too much fabric. I calculated I had enough fabric to make approx 10-20 quilts and it could keep me busy for years. I’m looking to use what I have, sell or give away some of the patterns I’m no longer in love with….

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