Twin Baby Boy Quilts for the Space Age

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A friend of mine at work is having twin boys. She is a wonderful person – she possesses the sort of kindness that is rarely seen. Quiet and kind and smart. Did I mention she is a wonderful person? We aren’t close friends by any stretch – but she is the sort of person you just want to do things for. And so fairly late in the game (I think she is due any day), I decided I wanted to make her quilts. And then the next thought was what I wanted them to look like…

I envisioned little blue, orange, yellow, and green squares, with a healthy mix of low volume. I started to tot up the number of 2″ squares needed for 2 40″ square quilts and got a bit scared. In the design in my mind, I added a 4″ border around the center 64 patch. I thought all of this in about 15 minutes at 8:30 am at work. Ugh. Don’t you hate that? You have an idea and it is hours, if not days, before you can get started? I hate that.

But when I got home, I dove into my scrap piles and started cutting. 632 squares. I haven’t done a scrap project before, and it was fun to dive into the past. And I had lots of scraps of cute fabrics. And I am learning what sizes of scraps are worth keeping and what isn’t worth keeping.

IMG_1745 IMG_1746

I had embroidered a rocketship for a reason I don’t completely remember. And so I put it in my center panel, and one evening while watching TV with DH, I embroidered a robot. Not as cute as the rocketship, but OK.

IMG_1747 _Snapseed

I used two different awesome DSQuilts fabrics for the backings, with a strip of Kona Navy in one and a strip of Kona Chartreuse in the other. I used the same Kona for the binding.  I quilted these simply (of course) – straight diaganol lines in a medium grey.

IMG_1755This project was A LOT of work. Lots of cutting, lots of piecing. Like LOTS. But I absolutely love the result. The little squares of adorable fabric made slightly more modern with the solids really makes me happy. I want to make a ton more of these. And, coincidentally, I have lots of scraps.

IMG_1744 _Snapseed

My friend (the recipient) has become too uncomfortable to come into work, so I will be mailing it to her this weekend – I so hope she loves it as much as I do.

Linking to Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday.  Woot.

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6 thoughts on “Twin Baby Boy Quilts for the Space Age

  1. These are very cute quilts for boys. I know she will love the colors, and be touched knowing the time it took to make these for her twins. You did a great job! And, yes, that was a lot of cutting, sewing, and quilting. Nicely done!

  2. Hi there. My first visit here, coming from Crazy Mom Quilts. I love everything about these two quilts. Love how each have their own personality. I know what you mean about people who aren’t close friends, but you just want to make stuff for them. (I also know about designing quilts at 8:30 on a workday and not being able to start until that night). I am sure your colleague will be touched. I love everything about these quilts!

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