Pastel Rainbows

20140731-134428-49468531.jpgThis little beauty is much beloved by me.  I have a friend having a baby girl in the fairly near future.  A friend who is modern, stylish, and generous.  I hoped that my love of pastel rainbows could translate into a lovely quilt for her.  I started the quilt for her using a quarter-circle block, aiming for a modern drunkard’s path.  but it didn’t look quite right.  So I quickly switched to large blocks in pastel rainbow color order.

Paired with Kona Smoke (my favoritest solid gray), this was a quick finish and checked all the boxes for me (and I hope my friend).  I took a bit of time with the quiliting – really trying to get my stitches straight in groups of three lines across the quilt.  I used a scrappy rainbow binding to finish.  And I finished the binding by machine and didn’t cry or whine.  Woot!

I backed the quilt in an adorable nursery print from JoAnn that I fell in love with.  20140731-134429-49469217.jpg

I appliqued a little rectangle of the print on top of this Paris Postcard fabric.  I really love it and gives the simple quilt a little something more.20140731-134428-49468057.jpg

These pictures look so dreamy – I am not sure why… I didn’t use a filter and I took them during the day.  Must be the magic of the pastel rainbow.  Lately when I am feeling a bit down, I search for pastel rainbows in Instagram or Pinterest.  They really are gorgeous.  And lift my spirits.  I am not done with pastel rainbows yet.  I started this little hexie project.  I am planning on making a pillow for my bedroom, but it may turn into a whole pastel rainbow quilt.  Now that would keep me busy.


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