The Slightly Less Unruly State of Things

For the past 4 weeks, I have been chugging along at finishing about 2 quilts a week.  They were small quilts, mostly done, and I have gotten good enough at machine binding that it doesn’t embarrass me to finish quilts this way.  This weekend my pace got a lot slower.  On Saturday we went andContinue reading “The Slightly Less Unruly State of Things”

Bluebird Park Triangles – A FINISHED Quilt

This thing.  Sigh.  I was so excited when I started this quilt.  I bought the Child’s Play pattern, two charm packs of the sweet Bluebird Park collection.  And then about an hour in, I started to hate this quilt.   I didn’t like how much fabric was wasted making the triangles (although the method ofContinue reading “Bluebird Park Triangles – A FINISHED Quilt”

Warm Star Baby Quilt – A FINISH!

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I am so thrilled with the progress I have been making with getting some WIPs done. This is a completed quilt that began life during my orange-pink-red-yellow obsession.  And then it sat for a bit.  Over the past week, I added a yellow and red border – usingContinue reading “Warm Star Baby Quilt – A FINISH!”