Pirate Economy Block Baby Quilt

imageThis quilt.  I started with a great idea, but the colors of this one really started to bug me.  Not sure where I went off the rails, but there is just too much in this quilt.  This one sat and sat and sat.  But in a weekend of getting lots done (the weekend BEFORE I got this stupid summer cold and BEFORE I forced myself to admit I needed to have my machine cleaned and oiled), I decided to power through.

At first I liked making these, because I could trim down to the right size, but somewhere along the road of making, I ended up with some blocks that were 7 3/4″ square instead of 7 1/2″ square.  Grrr.

I kept working and working and eventually found things I liked about the quilt.  Like this adorable backing.  And how cute the binding looks with the backing.


And I quilted a lot of lines on this quilt, so it got nice and crinkly and lovely when washed.

This is a solid Project Linus finish.  I hope it finds a home with a family who will love the nautical theme and wonky colors.

Through various accidents (mostly fabrics-of-the-months clubs), I have a lot of nautical-themed fabric.  Even after making this quilt.  Once I get more ahead of my WIP list, I think I will make a simple square patchwork baby quilt to use them up.

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