Minecraft Diamond Sword Quilt

Update:  Added cutting notes and diagram at bottom of post.image

This was a special request of a friend at work for her daughter who loves Minecraft.  Definitely not a quilt I was looking forward to, all solids is not really my thing, and these colors are not girly.  Plus I had to design the pattern, being somewhat difficult since I have never played minecraft.  It ended up being a couple long weekends, and ended up being more fun than I expected.  This was the sort of quilt that you just start and try to move through as quickly as possible because you want to make it for the person who will get it.  A labor of love for the recipient, rather than the quilt.

Each pixel is a 3×3 square.  But I made some strips to reduce the number of squares.  So there are some 3×6 and 3×9 rectangles in there.  I became acquainted with my hera marker and did a 3×3 quilted grid.  I am happy with this quilt, and also happy that I don’t have to make another.  But the proof is in the pudding of this adorable picture of my friend’s daughter loving her quilt.  So worth it.


I still have my notes for this quilt, so if anybody wants a rough pattern, let me know and I can write it up pretty quickly.

—-Update 10/6/2014—–

This is the cutting list and layout diagram.  The quilt finishes at 54″ square.  The cutting dimensions are unfinished, assuming a 1/4″ seam throughout.


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24 thoughts on “Minecraft Diamond Sword Quilt

  1. I was looking for a minecraft quilt of some sort and fell in love with this. I just want you to know the detail you put into it was amazing and thank you so very much for sharing all of your hard work. I will start on this fella this week for my minecraft addicted kiddo!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this adorable quilt …I’m starting on this today for my Grandaughter’s birthday….she will be getting the cutest minecraft quilt design on the internet!

      1. Thought I would send you a photo of the quilt I made using your awesome design….thank you so very much for sharing all your hard work in the original design!!

  3. Do you have any record of how much of each color of fabric you purchased for this lovely quilt that I would like to make for my great grandson whose birthday is in June.

  4. Thanks so much for being so generous with your pattern i am going to make it for my 7 year old grandson for christmas showed him the picture and he was thrilled thanks again Janene

    1. I tried to include a photo of the quilt, but it wouldn’t happen. I used 5″ squares, since that’s the die I have for my accuquilt. It turned out large enough for his queen size bed!

  5. I to what to thak you. My grandson loves minecraft . I can’t wait to make this for him. So easy to follow. Thank for sharing.

  6. Might make for my daughter and son-in-law but with patterned fabrics instead of plain. Would be different and not obviously Minecraft, it’s the sword design that I really like. Many thanks and am collecting fabrics to see with. Should be interesting.

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