An administrative blog in which I brag about how “honest” and “vulnerable” I am. With a selfie. UNFOLLOW!


A bit of administrative housekeeping. ‘Cause I know that is what you read blogs for!

Two blogs will become one – this one. This blog will be mostly about quilting, because that is mostly what I am about. But will also be about all of my petit adventures – my home, my rants, my cooking, my stepmoming, my desire to passively-aggressively tell the world to stop giving me diet tips. Those loyal readers, those who love me enough to be interested in it all and read one or both blogs – first, THANK YOU – I love thinking of you when I write these shabbily-edited diatribes. Second, there is only one blog right now – just this one. If you want to read everything except the quilting stuff, set your rss feeder to the category “not about quilting or sewing”. Although I promise to make the quilting blog entries a little less cutesy and sterile.

Here is the caveat (and I know this sounds like I am climbing up my own a-hole) if you know me, you know I am too honest about myself, too vulnerable. Well, I like that about myself. And the only hope of any of this writing being any good at all means I need to write honestly. If you love that about me, please read and follow and comment. If you know me in “real life” and are reading this blog to see me be weak or too judge, please don’t. I can’t stop you, but please don’t. If you don’t know me personally and want to see me be weak or to judge me, Welcome! (Ok enough of that shit. Feel free to roll your eyes at me A LOT because I basically just wrote “Don’t be hatin’cause I am honest, ya’ll”)

And now commenting is free and open. For years I was scared someone would tell me I was rubbish publicly in one of the comments. But that has never happened, and doubt it will.

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