WIP Wednesday – Quilting to take the edge off!

I have had an uppy-downy year at work.  It has felt like the universe being aribitrarily jerky and rude “through no fault of my own” at times. I am trying to own my fate now. Wipe away my tears, dust off my knees, and fight back against the sometimes overwhelming feeling of sadness and lack of self confidence.  Starting over can be very hard. But I am making progress.

Quilty progress is a whole other beast. Sewing is what I want to be doing with all my time – and often gives me great satisfaction when I can’t find it at work. I can’t spend all my time sewing, life doesn’t work that way. So when I do find time to sew, I want to make progress. The list of things I want to sew is waay waay bigger than my completed projects. So I am LASER focusing on wrapping up some WIPs / committments so that I can get to the other things. With mixed success. I still am starting new projects. Sigh. But those new projects are finally being outpaced by my completions. And Q3 has been awesome for completing projects. Here is the to-do list and the progress I made:


Irish Chain Interrupted sent off for quilting, then bound – Still waiting to have enough funds to do this, may just need to quilt it myself.
Pirate Economy Block baby quilt (for Project Linus) – Done!
Space Age Tiny Squares twin baby quilts – Done! and Done!
Pastel Rainbow baby quilt – Done!

Teal Star baby quilt
Fronhoffer Lines wall hanging – Done!
Blue Bird Park baby quilt (for Project Linus) – Done!

Radiant Splendor baby quilt (for Project Linus)


Aqua & Red Carpenter’s Star baby quilt (for Project Linus)

Aqua & Red Sampler baby quilt (for Project Linus)
Warm Colors Carpenter’s Star baby quilt (for Project Linus) – Done

Alexandra’s quilt – no picture currently available – but it is only 3 blocks right now, so not that impressive – just hoping I can find those 3 blocks!

In addition to working on my WIPs, I inadvertently added some new projects. I swear, it was inadvertent. So now some are new WIPs, and some of them are completed.
Kitchen Curtains – Done!
Minecraft Diamond Sword quilt – Done!
Blue Pixelated baby quilt (for Project Linus) – Done!
Liberty Chevron pillow cover – Done!
Bright Soccer Balls baby gift (Uh, too unattractive to photograph right now – definitely an “in-progress” work)

photo (1)

One completed Hexagon placemat – 6 to go… These are made using the Jaybird Quilts rulers. Much more fun and easy than I thought. About this time last year I made the Science Fair quilt. Which was lovely but way beyond my abilities at the time. But after working on these for placemats, I could even see making a whole quilt out of fancy hexagons again.

photo (3)

Heather Bailey Arrow Tails quilt – Isn’t that fabric GORGEOUS???
Noodlehead 241 Tote – Done!

To “score” myself… I went from 13 WIPs to 8 WIPs. That isn’t the worse. Even better is the number of completed projects – 12 completed projects – including two of my most dreaded WIPs (Blue Bird Park and Pirate Economy Block for Project Linus). I still can’t believe those are completed. And I am *almost* caught up on my charity quilt making – 8 done, 4 to go for the year. I have made a month-by-month to-do list. And am really, really, really going to try to not start on any new projects. Really truly.

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