The Pumpkin

photo (2)I love Fall. For me it feels like a fresh start. I don’t mind Spring and Winter, mostly hate Summer, but love Fall. I want to be outside, to better myself, clean out closets, start a jogging program – all of it.

(Yes, I know how cutting edge the topic of loving fall is. Like all great stepmommy bloggers, I write the truth, no matter how hard it is to take.)

I think all type-A people get this sort of brain-itchy feelings about some things. For me, it is seasonal decorating. I am not good at it. My mom – now there is someone who is good at seasonal decorating. She has a house that is decorated in colors for all seasons, and with a few thoughtful flourishes, all seasons are welcomed. My house has a base of a princess nursery decorated for easter. Spring and summer make sense in my house. All other seasons feel not quite right.

(And it is perfectly normal to get all worried about seasonal decorating, right? I thought so. Because it is a critical modern issue. Of course it is.)

This year, I have added some quilts to my dining room (here and here), and while they make sense for spring and are ok for summer, I had no idea how I was going to make the dining room work for the season of gourds and russet tones.

And then DH and I saw this pumpkin on one of our trips to the polish pottery place in Weston, MO. Fall decorating SOLVED! It is fall-themed in spring colors. I put it on my dining room table and done and done and done.

Now to start stressing about Christmas…

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