WIP – Gettin’ Stitchy With It

I am pretty much a sewing machine sewer. I was doing some English paper piecing to keep my hands busy while watching marathons of anything British with my husband. But it would only hold my attention for so long – it feels so fiddly that it isn’t fun at times. And progress is slllllooooowwww.


And then I saw a picture on Instagram of someone doing this awesome alphabet cross stitch. And I had to do it. On a whim I bought enough materials to get me started, and the pattern. And *maybe* also I bought an Eiffel Tower needle minder. And, well, love, love, love.

And so many ADORABLE cross stitch patterns! I am trying to do a letter a day at least – but I find myself looking forward to working on it. Anything that gets me away (willingly) from the sewing machine is a winner.

There are a bazillion cross stitch projects I want to do now. But I am REALLY. TRYING. to only take one project at a time. I’ll finish this alphabet and then I really want to do quilty stitches. I have my materials all ready to go for that one.


And then… and then… and then…

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