Appys make us ‘appy!

When DH and the kids and I became a family, I was introduced to the concept of popcorn and apples for dinner for Saturday night. I was a slow convert – I like dinner to be dinner.

But the kids love it – no pressure to eat anything they don’t like, and it is easy and sort of festive.

My take on popcorn and apples is Saturday appetizer night (which is sometimes on a Friday). Lots of easy little nibbles.

Because I am trying to increase my cooking prowess, when we did this last Saturday night, I added an actual appetizer that was something other than chopping or opening. I made little Croque Monsieur amuse bouche. Almost doesn’t count because it is just putting cheese or cheese and ham into prepared puff pastry and, well, chopping. But they were delicious.


This was paired with veggies, pears, apples, hummus, olives, cheese, and crackers. And was a hit.



I served myself a heaping plate of appetizer happiness with my favorite low-rent cocktail, diet ginger ale in a can. Klassy.



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