Ta Da Done

Finish: STAR!!!


So, I love this quilt.  I made the top during a class with the awesome Vanessa hosted by the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild.  She was so wonderful and the class was wonderful.


And then the top sat and sat and sat.  Once I got through all of my red and blue and aqua, I basted and quilted.  And fell in love.


I ended up keeping this one as a little quilt for my sweet puppy.  Her own little spot at home or on the road.


And I still get to look at it every day!  Here is something I have found – pattern designers know what they are doing.  Usually when i make something from a pattern, it is pretty well darn universally liked.  Imagine that?

Some details – size is 45 x 45, binding is grey scrappy + scraps from the cool color stripe fabric, backing is kona navy and steel – two of my favorites.

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In Progress

I’m Skerred!

photo (7)

I made this light and airy quilt top a loooooong time ago – like early summer.  I love it very much  – feels airy and composed yet scrappy.  I want to transform it into a quilt I can, ya know, use.  But I’m skerred.

I was going to send it out for quilting, because I made a vow to myself that never again would I quilt something that is bigger than 60″ x 60″.  But I can’t really justify spending the money to do that.  And I can’t quite face the challenge of basting and quilting ’cause I’m skerred of the challenge of doing that and totally mucking it up.

I am determined to overcome that feeling though – to at least simply quilt this big guy on my teeny tiny domestic machine.  Maybe not this weekend – but definitely next.

In Progress

WIP: Some Stitching

I have fallen in love with stitching while watching Midsomer Murders.  No one can claim that I am not ready for being 80!  I made an adorable alphabet using this pattern – just need to figure out what I am going to do with it now that it is done.

photo 1

Now I am working on quilty stitches – going to make little ornaments featuring blocks from this awesome FREE pattern.

photo 2

Look at the wee swoon.  WAAAAAAYYYY more enjoyable than making an actual swoon block, at least fo rme.

Food, Not About Quilting or Sewing

Really Bad Pictures of Food

My favorite recipe-giver, Winne Moranville recently posted a request for a great picture of her Any Night Baked Rice recipe, lamenting the fact that taking good pictures of food is hard and boring.  True dat.  I feel the same way.  If she were going to have a contest for the WORST picture of her recipe, I am pretty sure I could win.

photo 2

My pictures of food are SO BAD, I thinks maybe food blogging should not be included in this space.  Not that my pictures of anything else are that great, but they aren’t laughably horrible.  I am not sure if I will continue to blog what I cook, really what I want to say is summed up in “Buy all of Winnie Moranville’s cookbooks.  They are great.”

Color Crush, Commissions, Fabric

Colors for Her

My stepdaughter (SD) has basically eschewed all things girly, especially girly-colored for almost as long as I have known her.  When I was a tad bit churlish / naive / selfish, it used to bug me.  Because I like girlie things, particularly colors.  But now I correctly see this as just part of the tapestry being woven to make the spectacular person she is.  Completely and totally unique and awesome.

There are a couple things I need to make her this November.  She is at the top of my to-do sewing list.  Most needed is a canvas bag.  This year she downsized her school bag because the school was moving to books on iPad.  (Sigh).  Well there ended up being a TON of stuff still to carry around.  So I coaxed her to let me make her a bigger bag.



This is the color combination we landed on.  Not girlie at all – but very stylish.  The pattern is “Plaid” by Ty Pennington – I will go with a navy canvas for the lining.  And I used my The Kona Color Card of Many Hours of Frustration To Make to pick the perfect colors for accent colors – Glacier and Copen.

I will be making the Poolside Tote by Noodlehead.  Definitely big enough, I think.

And then there is her quilt.  She doesn’t want or need it, but I want to make it.  There are some fabrics that are just her that I want to include in something for her.  And she is always cold, so it isn’t like she won’t use a quilt.



This is the fabric stack – 60 different fabrics – mostly low volume with pops of orange, yellow, navy, green, and mint.  Woot.  I will power through the bag so that I can move to this pile of joy.