Really Bad Pictures of Food

My favorite recipe-giver, Winne Moranville recently posted a request for a great picture of her Any Night Baked Rice recipe, lamenting the fact that taking good pictures of food is hard and boring.  True dat.  I feel the same way.  If she were going to have a contest for the WORST picture of her recipe,Continue reading “Really Bad Pictures of Food”

Finish: Aqua and Red Wonky Sampler

This year I made a bazillion aqua and red blocks and then squirreled them away to become wrinkly and unloved.  They were great skill builders – but they definitely were, um, random.  Random block patterns chosen, and all random sizes because I was sewing beyond my skill. So when I became determined to use upContinue reading “Finish: Aqua and Red Wonky Sampler”

WIP: Hexagon Placemats

I have been working on these for awhile.  Six placemats for my dining room table.  Am I seriously writing about decorating my dining room *again* on this blog?  I promise there are additional aspects to my personality.  Really, truly. These are tough, but fun.  Using the ruler set from Jaybird Quilts.  I love piecing them,Continue reading “WIP: Hexagon Placemats”