Any Given Monday

I continue to work on this cooking thing.  For about 3 weeks now, I have been preparing our dinner for about 3 nights/week.  Not revolutionary, except it is for me.  It means stepping away from the sewing machine, and focusing on something that I am not good at, but want to be good at.  I am getting more organized and efficient and competent.  There have been some bumps, but I am getting better.

I am working a lot from this cookbook.  Trying the simplest recipes first.  My goal is to have a tasty, fairly inexpensive, easy-to-prepare weeknight meal repetoire.  And this one fits those requirements.

photo 1

Any-Day Chicken Saute – wine, shallots, chives – I feel simply sophisticated when I can whip this up.

photo 2

Any-Night Basked Rice – bay leaf, thyme, garlic in my heart-shaped pot – again, simple, sophisticated and very delicious.

These two plus a green salad and I am inching towards being a competent home cook.  Woot.

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