A Perfect Day…

On Friday, I had a day off.  My second day off in a row.  I usually don’t enjoy my first.  I stay worried about work and what I am missing and have daydreams of getting fired.  Neurotic, party of 1.  But by Friday, I was ok.

And so we did one of our favoritest things, go to Lawrence.  Free State. Record Store (for DH). Sarah’s Fabrics (for me). Brits. Home.  A perfect day.

At Free State, there was beer and delicious food…


And Sarah’s is always just the best.  Truly like a bazillion candy stores for me.  I always go in with the best intentions…


This is me *not* buying fabric.  IMG_1982In that stack is the back of the Celestial quilt I am working on, some pillow backs (shhhh… don’t tell DH), a second 241 tote made from delectable echino, and some lovely low-volume and polka-dot stash builders.  Woot.  

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Wife, stepmom, corporate grunt, quilter, liberal, dork

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