Ready for the next thing…

stoveI am soooo impatient.  I mean really, truly impatient.  I hide this for the most part at work and social interactions.  But I am the WORST at living in the moment.
Being married, having stepkids has done a lot to make me better.  Especially since the family I married into is not impatient.  They are willing to take time with things, be considerate in thinking about things. It mostly annoyed me at the beginning, but now I see the point, and have become pretty skilled at wait-and-see.
We have needed new kitchen appliances for a long time.  Weekly we have another piece of our dishwasher fall off.  Our refrigerator leaks.  Our stove has, um, inconsistent heating.  Shit was broke.  But the funds for replacements was not there.  So I waited.  Picked out what I wanted online.  Added to my list of everything.  And waited.  Boo.
And then we had the money and after some hassle, DH located our new appliances and arranged for them to be delivered and installed.  Today was delivery day!  And while this was happening I waited at work, with reassuring updates from DH.  It was a loooong day.  I got to work at 6:45 AM and felt every minute until I left at 4.  A mixture of work and excitement.
And now they are here!  Well, almost.  The dishwasher was missing a part – so it will be here Monday.
The weird thing is, there aren’t that many “next things” for the house.  We need to fix the washing machine, and we really want to build a deck.  But slow and steady and suddenly most things are ok.  Which is a weird and wonderful feeling.

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