I Free Motioned!

So my new Juki meant my ability to free motion quilt without crying.  I just could never do it on my old machine.  It made me very sad and frustrated and jealous of those who could.  I practiced a few nights free-motioning.


Being a not so good drawer, I am not that good at free motion.  My stipple still looks like “creepy fingers” (to borrow a phrase from Elizabeth Dackson).  But I was ok at the wood-grain pattern.


And so I made a simple table runner and gave it a whirl.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  So, so far from perfect.


But good enough that I didn’t get sad – and felt like improvement was possible.

I am not quite ready to try anything bigger – still the world of sad straight-line quilting for me there.  But there is a tunnel and there is light.  Woot.

Published by ghrn

Wife, stepmom, corporate grunt, quilter, liberal, dork

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