It is December. It is cold. It is Monday. This is dinner.

IMG_1396 _SnapseedI am trying to make cooking interesting, tasty, simple, easy meals a normal occurrence around here.  I am challenging myself to cook on Monday nights.  Most Monday nights I would like to crawl under a blanket and eat a cheeseburger.

But I have been finding that once I start to cook, it isn’t that bad.  DH and I deconstruct our day and our world while preparing the meal.  It helps to have an open bottle of wine.  It helps to have been together enough to have everything defrosted and purchased.  (I am pretty sure driving to the store before would make me loose all my steam.) It helps to be cooking something that you know will be yummy.

Last night we made a delicious salad with chard, chicken, pistachios, Roquefort, apples, and balsamic vinegar from the Bonne Femme cookbook.  And it checks all the boxes – interesting, tasty, simple, easy.  And this one has the bonus checkbox of maybe being sort of healthy also.  I ate a lot more chard than I would otherwise, for sure.

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