Italian French Chicken

IMG_2115 _SnapseedOK YUM!  DH and I made Chicken Francese – chicken that the Italians make that they credit to the French, basically, I think.

This was so yummy.  The sauce is pretty simple – lemon, white wine, garlic.  It had such an impact though – absolutely wonderful tasting.  I cheated by using chicken thighs instead of chicken breast, so that amped up the flavor a bit too.

I will be doing this one again and again and again.  Paired with a salad and heat-and-eat dinner rolls, so easy and so yummy for a weeknight.  Recipe is Bonne Femme, of course.  My sauce came out darker than it should have because I let some stuff burn at the bottom, but didn’t seem to stop the sauce from being delicious.

And YUM!  And I promise that is the last time I will say yum in this post.

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