Ta Da Done

Ta Da Done – 2014 Wrap-Up

There were weeks and weeks and weeks of me posting my to-do list.  So many projects started and in limbo.  But this Fall and Winter I finished up a lot of stuff.  And some of it didn’t get blogged.  As a record of what I have completed, this blog has some stuff missing.

The 5 random completed but not documented projects of 2014…

A little mug rug I made for myself using the mini Rise and Shine pattern, so small, but so much work.


A pillow case I made my dad for his birthday.  It ended up ok… but this pillow convinced me I really needed to work on mastering my seam allowances – the more pieces I had in a strip, the more it was longer than it should have been.  My seam allowances have gotten better.  As long as I am not working on stuff on the bias or tired.  🙂


A ton of (six)  hexagon placemats that I really don’t like now.  Hopefully they will speak to me in the spring.  I started this project just as fall began – weird time to work with such springy colors.


A Christmas table topper I made for some friends for Christmas.  I love how this turned out.  And I love that they loved it.  It is so great to make stuff for wonderful people.


Two new pillows for my living room.  I think I will always be in a perpetual loop of making new pillows for my living room.  There is a pillow cap at our house, so I will most likely have a growing stack of pillow cases as I replace the ones on the pillows.  These were made using paper piecing patterns from Vintage Quilt Revival.  And lots and lots of linen.



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