Grown-up 241 Tote

Earlier this year I made a cute 241 tote that I ended up never carrying (pattern here). Really just a bit too cute for me to feel comfortable with it in public.  So last weekend I decided to bite the bullet and make a new one.  I love the style, but the last one was a lot of work for my burgeoning skills.

Several episodes of The Good Wife and voila! It was done.  Much easier than I remember, most likely due to the awesomeness of my new sewing machine.  I used Echino (Gothic) which is stunning.  And some dark grey-brown linen that I love.


Look at how much George the Cat loves this bag!!

I skipped the exterior pockets and stuck with one zippered pocket – I think that makes the tote look a bit punk rock – especially with the bright orange zipper.  Those diagonal zippered pockets are design genius by the reliably genius Ms. Anna Graham.

IMG_2154 _Snapseed

The interior is a quilting cotton print of a Parisian street map.  So love this fabric.

This tote is much more sophisticated, yet still notable for its adorableness.  I am not sure this will be the last 241 Tote I make.  I would love to make one for a friend or two and for my mom.  But not today.

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Friday!  Woot woot.

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16 thoughts on “Grown-up 241 Tote

  1. George is cuuuuute! And so are your totes. Yes, plural, totes. I was thinking maybe you had made some tweeny monstrosity the first time. Not so! Your first purple tote is great; this over 50 year old would carry it in a second! In fact, if you want my snail mail address I would gladly pay shipping … 😊 So then I was worried you had made some old granny thing on your second tote, like maybe all black canvas with black shrouding covering it. Not so! Your second tote is amazing! You used that zipper detail like a boss! The orange is great! So, here’s hoping you really enjoy your second tote – it is wonderful and should be enjoyed. But let me make a small plea for the first tote (if it hasn’t already been given away…). Maybe wear it on the weekends, take it out for a spin. It goes with your sneakers and bracelet perfectly! That is not an accident. Let your personality shine! Because judging by your two totes it’s a great personality! 😉 now I have to find the nerve to try to make a 241 tote … Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  2. Great bag! I know what you mean about fabric selections in bags. I made two of these for my sister. She claims she loves them both but one is just too light to be practical (she had machine washed it a couple of times!). Your bag is beautiful! Love the kitty photobombing the picture! And the snowflakes are adorable!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! Bags are such a personal thing – for sure the right fabric is critical. So so nice of you to make two for your sister – lucky sister. 🙂

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