In Progress


I just can’t do it. I can’t work on blocks that take several hours each and then are totally the wrong size. Like an inch+ off.  I love the Moda Modern Blocks, but I am not good at making them. And they make me sad. Very sad.  And I am pretty sure my hobby for relaxation should not make me sad.  #lifeguru


This is the first Moda Modern Block I made.  I love this one.  Had to add the pink border to make the quilt block the right size, and that made it more awesome.  This block is giant, so maybe I can use it as a feature in a big quilt some day.  The rest of the blocks I made suh-uck.

And so I am not going to do them anymore. I am going to stash the pattern and the blocks I have completed and let it go that there is a festering WIP.  I will never get those hours back – and that is ok.  It doesn’t mean I need to sink more hours into something I dislike doing.  #forrealslifeguru

Right now my WIP list is down. Way down. Technically I am at 5 – but that sounds worse than it is.  At the height of my WIP chaos last year I was at something like 14.

Here is my current tally:

  • One is a baby quilt for a gift that I will finish this weekend.
  • One is a true heinous WIP. A quilt I want to have but don’t want to work on featuring parallelograms in Heather Bailey’s Up Parasol line.
  • One is a quilt for my SD that should be easy and fun to finish – except for the basting because it will be so big. I think that is why I delay.
  • One is the Allison Glass (paper pieced) Celestial quilt that my plan all along was to work on when I needed a break from other projects.
  • And the last is that Moda Modern Blocks. But I just officially crossed it off the list. It will be awhile before I get back to it, if ever.

I do want to stay ahead of WIPs this year – my goal is to have no more than 3 projects going at a time. So I will bind the baby quilt and then finish the Heather Bailey quilt top and then reevaluate. WIPs will not own me in 2015. Word.


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