Slowing Down…

Last year I finished a lot of projects.  This year I am trying to take my time, make things that are done well, even if it takes me a lot of time to finish.  That is a bit antithetical to how I am wired.  I want to get stuff done – written on the list and then quickly checked off.  I cleared off a lot of WIPs last year to help me fight that impulse.  But I have more than one lingering, so the urge still is there – to have a completely clean to do list save one precious project.  *That* is when I will slow down, I promise myself.


I am making a quilt for my SD.  I designed it with big, easy blocks so that I could highlight some favorite fabrics and get done quickly.  I ended up disliking the quilt and disliking the process.  I redesigned the quilt in my head to make it a lap quilt so it could be done quickly.

Luckily this weekend I rethought that.  I added back a color (lime green) to the design and played with some “alternate gridwork”.  I added some sawtooth stars and there is going to be a strip of sampler blocks.


I am now very excited about this quilt.  It won’t be done for awhile, but when it is I will absolutely love it.

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