I love you more than…

This popped up in my blog feed last week and I fell in love.  I took a bit of time this weekend to make one for me and a friend.  It was the sort of project that is nothing but easy and fun!  It took about an hour and a half per pillow, and I love the results.


The one in the back is the one I kept for myself.  I used a fun Sweetwater algebra/math print for the background.  So cute.  I love the arrows – And how often does one get to use cute brown prints?

The one in the front is the one I gave to a friend.  I made a little pillow form for this one because I didn’t want to get out of my jammies to drive to Joann.  I think I am always going to do this going forward.  A way to use up unloved fabric and so cheap/easy to make!

The backing for the one I gave away is a print of a streetmap of Paris.  I love this fabric and only have  a little bit left.  Let the hoarding begin!!

I made mine a bit smaller than in the tutorial (14″ and 12″ rather than 16″).  And I added batting before stitching on the arrows and heart so that there is a wee bit of puff in the pillows – which is hard to see in this picture.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  🙂  I think this is going to be a series of little pillow covers I make for each holiday/season… a bunny for Easter, a mod corsage for Spring/Summer, something for 4th of July, Halloween… so much fun!

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