A trip to the museum… and then the fabric store.

 A couple Saturdays ago my husband and I went to the Nelson Atkins museum here in Kansas City.  I had read about this little exhibit:
The exhibition, in Gallery P6, displays Italian, French and Spanish textiles influenced by this Middle Eastern trade and aesthetic tradition, spanning the 15th-17th centuries. Woven of sumptuous silk and exhibiting varied weaving techniques and ornamentation, these textiles were costly luxury goods and highly prized by the wealthy merchant classes.
After finding a volunteer who could tell us the location of Gallery P6, we found the exhibit of 5 different pieces of cloth.  The centerpiece of roaring lions and foliage was impressive.  And we marveled at how long these scraps of beautiful fabric have existed.  And 10 minutes later we were done with the exhibit.
So having made the trek to the museum, we did a bit more exploring.  I tried to focus on finding patterns that would make great fabric.  Not the loftiest of cultural enrichment goals, but fun.
Fun, right?  We went to the exhibit of the rise of Modernism during and after World War 1 (http://www.nelson-atkins.org/art/exhibitions/WWI.cfm). A lot of the drawings made me very itchy for some Doe fabric (by Carolyn Friedlander).  My husband then willingly drove me to Lawrence to Sarah’s fabrics.
My purchase is pretty contained.  I am dreaming of a quilt for my stepson using the entire range.  It is such a great group of fabrics.  Sigh.

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