Tiny Rainbows!

I made new pillows for our couch.  Again.  I think I might finally be happy with these.  The last set I made were complex paper piece patterns that were fine enough, but I used a lot of beige linen and it just clashed with our dark grey couch.

This time I used the perfect dark grey linen that blends beautifully.  Sometimes I forget how nice blending can be.


I used simple piecing and Kona solids and finished them with zippers.  I am soooo over the overlap envelope closure for pillows.  The flaps either don’t overlap enough and there is a gap at the back of the pillow OR they overlap too much and I risk ripping a seam to get the pillow in.  The zippers really extended the time it took to make the pillows, but worth it.


I also ironed on woven fusible interfacing onto the fabric at the back of the pillows which makes for a nicer finish.

I quilted a sort of mod square/rectangle pattern.  They are pretty mod looking, especially the one that looks like a row of lava lamps.

IMG_2326I really like them and so does the fam, so I may be able to relax with the pillow making for a few months.

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