I needed a baby quilt STAT! for a friend at work.  I had three days between when I decided I wanted to make the quilt and when the baby was due.  Oy.

I went with the old standby of squares and straight line quilting.

IMG_2318 _SnapseedI restrained my color palette to grey, aqua, beige, yellow, and b&w.  When I type out all of those colors it doesn’t seem that restrained, but for me it is.

I knew the quilt wouldn’t offer a lot in terms of design pop. so I dug deep in my stash for some of my cutest prints.

IMG_2320 _Snapseed

These adorable boots are totally stolen from how Rita used them in one of her baby quilts.  She is a genius.

IMG_2321 _Snapseed

I continued the cute print trend by using these cameras on the back.

I cut the first night, took the second night off, and pieced, quilted and bound on a veeeery long third night.

Not my best work, but I think my friend likes it.  I took it out of the dryer and delivered to work her last day in the office.

I am over deadlines for a bit.


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One thought on “Squares!

  1. I love your baby quilts. I also have Amanda Jean’s book and I am wanting to make more scrappy quilts but have been short on time and confidence. I would love to follow your blog but I don’t do Twitte, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. There is usually a link titled ‘Follow this blog’ on many sites I usually just click on. Can you help me out here? I am bit useless with technology. Then I can have an icon down the side of my blog with a link to you. Thanks.

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