I love typewriters… and the internet.

A total cliche, but I have developed a love for old typewriters.  Last year, my calendar at work was gorgeous pictures of candy-colored vintage typewriters.  I loved them.  And occassionally I will do a little wistful shopping for vintage typewriters on etsy. Orange Olympia Traveller Deluxe Typewriter A2 Thank You Notes Smith Corona Pink TypewriterContinue reading “I love typewriters… and the internet.”

My Stepdaughter’s Quilt

I have made lots and lots of quilts for other people’s children.  This year I made a pledge to make quilts for my stepson and stepdaughter.  Actually I made the pledge last year, but this year I pledged to really finish them. First up is my stepdaughter’s quilt.  It includes her favorite colors.  Well, atContinue reading “My Stepdaughter’s Quilt”