My Stepdaughter’s Quilt

I have made lots and lots of quilts for other people’s children.  This year I made a pledge to make quilts for my stepson and stepdaughter.  Actually I made the pledge last year, but this year I pledged to really finish them.

First up is my stepdaughter’s quilt.  It includes her favorite colors.  Well, at least they were her favorite colors when I started the quilt.  (now her favorite color is red.  sigh.)


I included a lot of sawtooth stars, and lots of fabrics with her favorite things – matches, converse shoes, musical notes.

And I made one block that was inverse of the rest.  Because she is totally a standout – in the absolute best way.  When others zig, she zags – beautifully.  My beautiful, sweet, stepdaughter.  In her Ramones t-shirt and black converse.  Zag.


I love the yellows in this quilt.  and the blues.  and the greens.  I love this color palette and I love all of the great low volume fabrics.


I backed the quilt in this fun orange by Carolyn Friedlander.  And used a sunshine-y binding.  I love this combination.

The quilting is rudimentary.  It is hard for me to quilt a quilt this big.  So straight lines it is.  With a few, uh, bumps along the way.


This quilt now happily lives in her bedroom.  I hope she will treasure it for a long time.  I think she will.


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