Coloring in the Lines

When I was fabric shopping a couple months ago, I went on a bit of a binge with V & Co’s Color Theory fabric.  I bought two charm packs and a layer cake.  I had a great idea of how I was going to use them, and then that idea dissipated.

I flipped through the patterns I have accumulated to try to find something I could use to make a baby quilt for a friend using the color line.  My friend is not finding out the gender and the teal and yellow in the line seemed perfect for a gender-neutral baby quilt.

I landed on this pattern.  And it does work wonderfully with these pretty blenders.  I love the fabric.  I respect the pattern.  It does make a lovely quilt.  But goshdarnit that’s a lot of 1/2-square triangles.

IMG_2391I took a break from the quilt to make this vase cover for my mom for Mother’s Day.  The pattern is Spring Star from Farm Girl Vintage.

IMG_2376I have enjoyed working within one fabric line, one color palette, but I am bursting to start having some crazy, scrappier fun.

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