I love typewriters… and the internet.

A total cliche, but I have developed a love for old typewriters.  Last year, my calendar at work was gorgeous pictures of candy-colored vintage typewriters.  I loved them.  And occassionally I will do a little wistful shopping for vintage typewriters on etsy.

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 4.36.01 PM

Orange Olympia Traveller Deluxe

Typewriter A2 Thank You Notes

Smith Corona Pink Typewriter

Write Your Bestseller Tee

Ice Blue Royal Typewriter

They seem to be full of romantic notions for me – beautiful design and colors and the possibility of writing great things.

When I finished my Pretty Little Paris cross stitch, I decided I wanted to try stitching on linen.  I went looking for a great typewriter pattern.  I thought the one solid shape would help with the counting part of counted cross stitch on those tiny linen squares.  I was right.  The back is a mess, but I was able to keep track of what stitch went where.


I love this little piece – it looks a lot like the Royal typewriter above, doesn’t it?

So, the internet.  I was a little befuddled on how to finish the cross stitch I have completed.  I wanted to use hoops – I think that looks so sweet.  I thought maybe you glued the fabric onto the hoop?  So wrong.  Luckily I found this helpful tutorial.


And it worked beautifully!! Pretty good looking for the back of something.  Because the back of my cross stitch really is very private.  Trust me.

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