Make it stop

I am trying to update this blog more regularly – share what I am working on.  Not sure why – except that I feel like it is part of my creative activities (aren’t you glad I didn’t say creative “growth” “process” or “path”?).

Sharing what I have done gives me a chance to reflect on the outcome and the process.  Shit.  I just said process.


This is a quilt that I am making for my stepson.  I love this quilt.  The fabrics, the pattern.  It is a departure from my usual color scheme – and this is not modern quilting as it is very grid and repetitive.  But it looks modern because of the big diamond pattern the blocks make.

I love the quilt.  I hate making the quilt.  It is so boring to make the same blocks over and over and over and over again.  I have been working on this quilt since March.  I have 8 rows done – 3 to go.  And I am not sure I will make it.  I just need to make 3 more rows.  24 more blocks.   48 more 1/2 square triangles.  Surely I can do it.  Surely I can make it stop.

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Wife, stepmom, corporate grunt, quilter, liberal, dork

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