Craft Empire, Bigger

I have crafted and sewn for years on my beloved large slab of wood desk in our bedroom upstairs.  Our house is old and the bedroom is often too cold or stifling hot.  In the summer I had to strike a balance between using the iron and running the room air conditioner.  And it was a bit cramped.  But it was my space and I loved it.  So much of who I am was created in that little space while I was creating things.  Jewelry, book making, and finally coming home to quilting.  It was my happy place.

Earlier this year, DH suggested that we could make the downstairs reading room my sewing room.  I nearly swooned at the thought.  And then we finally took a couple long, hard, tiring weekends and did it.

And it is my new happy place.  No electrical funniness.  No wild temperature swings.


Room for everything…

like paints….


And fabric and books and my signed George Brett baseball…


and a lot of my ginger jar collection…


my colored pencils and drawing pads…


knitting needles and embroidery hoops…


paintbrushes and bamboo and tiny drawings from Romania…


rulers and rotary cutters and scissors…


round tubes of interfacing and aida cloth and linen and paper….


in-progress projects and charm squares and scraps…


There is a design wall…


And the kitten likes to spend hours sleeping in my chair…


the furniture is eclectic and mishmash and ideal for making me happy and bright…


There are nooks and crannies and glitter and flowers and crochet hooks and glue and ink and princess lego kitty and little boxes and bells and crayons…


It is, as you can see, perfect.  I feel lucky beyond compare.  The fly in the ointment is it is just so perfect.  I have the space to do anything I want to make – and I can’t get going.

Posting this is my first step forward.  Next I am going to start cutting up little squares and hope it leads to something awesome in my awesome craft empire.

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One thought on “Craft Empire, Bigger

  1. Interesting enoughly 😉 this is when it happened to me, too. Got craft room. Stopped crafting. Glad to see you seem to have overcome. Hoping I do the same as well!!

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