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I am working towards completing my works in progress.  I really have the bug to get everything wrapped up and decks cleared to start some new projects.

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This.  This is the white whale.  I must have this quilt.  I must.  I have the ombre bundle sitting in my studio.  I have the desire. I probably have the skill.  I want to own that quilt.

I want to focus on it completely.


And so I am wrapping up things.   Last weekend I finished a quilt top so it could be sent for quilting.  I wanted to finish a project per weekend, but didn’t get there this weekend. And I am fixated on how much “done” do I need to be.  I have a plethora of orphan blocks that should be used for something useful.  What do I do about those?  I am going to use them up.  These decks are going to be cleared!!


  1.  New quilt for our bed.  We growed-up the decorations in our room and so I want a new quilt to go with them.
  2. Living Room wall hanging.  I created a new wall hanging for our living room not that long ago.  But these mysterious black stains appeared on it when it was washed and it bugs me unreasonably.  I want to create a new one to replace it.  Goal for getting this done is 1/31.

IMG_25653. Heather Bailey improv quilt.  I still have a lot of Heather Bailey scraps that I want to make into a quilt for my studio.  I have started with these adorable blocks.  My goal for getting this quilt done is 2/7.


4. Lots and lots of Project Linus quilts.  I think most of these orphan blocks from my abandoned farm girl vintage quilt and those that I didn’t use in my stepdaughter’s quilt will make great Project Linus quilts.  But creating all of those quilts could take me another 3 months.  :/  My “find the gray” compromise will be to work on these interspersed with the WIPs above.  I got a start on a baby-sized quilt this weekend with some orphan blocks.


Here is to getting stuff done!!


In Progress



I have been suffering a lack of productivity in my quilting world.  Starting around the time I got my perfect craft room, I couldn’t summon much energy to get a lot done.  I am not sure why – not inspired, not energetic, the pull of binge watching Netflix.

And then on Sunday I decided to finish my stepson’s quilt top.  A top I started a loooooong time ago – like March of last year.  I love the fabric, the pattern – but the process is laborious.  Each row takes me 2+ hours.

I provided incentive by committing to have it in the mail to get professionally quilted today.  (The quilt is WAY to big for me to be able to quilt it at home.)

I am so glad to have this quilt top done.  So glad.  And now I feel that pull to finish the rest of my WIPs.  Right now there are 3 – new wall hanging for my living room, new bed quilt, the last of my Heather Bailey improv projects.

I have a real gem I want to work on once I am through those 3, so I will keep my eye on the prize.  It would be so great to have the decks cleared.

Ta Da Done

Crazy Llama Pillow

A friend at work has a daughter who loves llamas.  And I love the Sew What Sherlock Llama pattern.  A few hours of paper piecing, some crazy colors and trim and I created a crazy llama pillow.  That my friend and her daughter really, really loved.


It is pretty crazy cute.  Luckily when I start a new paper piecing project I have selective memory of how time consuming and messy paper piecing is.  I love that I forget, because finished paper piecing projects are really happy-making.

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Try, try, try

IMG_2673I no there is no try, only do.  But you have to try and do to get better.  I have ventured a couple toes back into the water of being a competent cook.  DH and I have officially been indoctrinated into the world of America’s Test Kitchen.  The recipes are tested – which speaks to my science-y schooling and upbringing.  The best recipes give me a chance to be good.

I still fumble and stumble in the kitchen.  But I am trying.  And inch by inch I get better.  Last night I made this taco salad – not much “cooking” other than making my own taco seasoning and lime vinaigrette.  Yummy, taco-y baby steps.


scrappy, Ta Da Done

Tiny Baby Quilt

This is a little quilt I made for a coworker who had a very difficult birth much earlier than expected.  It is a lot of improv and the “Welcome” block from Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.   All in gorgeous Heather Bailey fabric.  I haven’t heard from the mom yet if she likes the little quilt – but I hope so.  Mom and baby are healthy and home now.  Yay for happy endings.

IMG_2648 IMG_2647