I have been suffering a lack of productivity in my quilting world.  Starting around the time I got my perfect craft room, I couldn’t summon much energy to get a lot done.  I am not sure why – not inspired, not energetic, the pull of binge watching Netflix.

And then on Sunday I decided to finish my stepson’s quilt top.  A top I started a loooooong time ago – like March of last year.  I love the fabric, the pattern – but the process is laborious.  Each row takes me 2+ hours.

I provided incentive by committing to have it in the mail to get professionally quilted today.  (The quilt is WAY to big for me to be able to quilt it at home.)

I am so glad to have this quilt top done.  So glad.  And now I feel that pull to finish the rest of my WIPs.  Right now there are 3 – new wall hanging for my living room, new bed quilt, the last of my Heather Bailey improv projects.

I have a real gem I want to work on once I am through those 3, so I will keep my eye on the prize.  It would be so great to have the decks cleared.

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Wife, stepmom, corporate grunt, quilter, liberal, dork

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