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I fell in love with the abstract portrait paintings of women done by Mari Ratanen during this show at the Kemper.  I loved the color and the shape and the concept.

When I needed to pick a project for my final of color theory class, I knew what I wanted to do – an abstract portrait of my mom in acrylic, framed in an embroidery hoop.  Unfortunately, my vision and my ability to paint didn’t synch.  sigh.


I used a very thin tape to tape the lines, but it didn’t peel cleanly, so I had to clean up the lines, which made them messier, and then the “c” didn’t fit in the frame well.  Lots of problems.

But I still loved the design and the concept.  So I rendered it in teeny tiny cross stitch.


And I lurvs it.  I love the colors, the design, and the execution.  I plan to design one that is a “portrait” of my stepdaughter.  Soon.  Lots of things to do.  🙂

Ta Da Done


I am planning on completing 12 quilts to donate to Project Linus this year.  It gives me the chance to play with patterns and fabrics I might not otherwise.  And it feels great to send a quilt out in the world, hopefully to be loved and provide comfort.

I used up a lot of stash fabric and orphan blocks to make this quilt.  Including many of the dozens of 1/2 square triangles created from this quilt.


I quilted wonky lines down the quilt.


The backing is made out of a bit of the yards and yards and yards of this extra fabric I had from when we decorated our stepdaughter’s room.  It was nice to use some of it up.

I love the quilt – it is quirky, but it is also bright and colorful and interesting.  Which I guess is the same thing as saying it is quirky.

I look forward to using up more blocks to make quilts to donate.

Ta Da Done


IMG_2695I can’t believe this quilt is finished.  11 months and done.  I used the Sunny Skies quilt pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The intended recipient was my stepson.  I have wanted to make him a quilt for a loooong time.  When I handed it to him, I said “Merry Christmas 2014”.  🙂

I love the fabric, I love the pattern, but the quilt felt monotonous to make.


But I am so over that because I love the results.  The pattern + fabric made for a good “dude” quilt.  The happy mistake of misplacing some of my grey fabric meant a modernish twist with the one yellow diamond.

I think he likes the quilt.  He used it as a “homework cave” over the weekend.


I had it quilted by Missouri Start Quilt Company – which was super fast and super good.  And I didn’t have to be self conscious about my sometimes not-flat seams.


Color Crush, In Progress

Readjusting Expectations


I have been travelling for work most of this week.  And it has been awesome.  But I miss my family and my sewing a lot.  In my last post I talked a pretty big game about getting lots of WIPs done.  I was going to conquer all and conquer it immediately.  Yes, not so much.

I have transitioned from being a GO GO GO quilter on the weekends to balancing with hanging out with the fam, playing MarioKart, and getting out of the house.  Much more healthy for my mental state, but I get so much less done.


Last weekend I got this top done for a project linus quilt and got it basted.  (I HATE BASTING SO MUCH I MEAN FOR REALS HATE)  It wasn’t as much as I planned to get done, but I do love the top after spending time to contemplate what would work best.  Because of the color scheme and improv-y parts, I decide to make it big enough for a kid/teenager instead of a baby quilt because I think it will be more appreciated.  It includes 4 orphan blocks, several of the 1/2 square triangles left over from this quilt, and some scraps and stash I was happy to use up.  Something exhilariting in making a dent in all of the glorious fabric I have.  A lot of this fabric I was not sure I loved, but I love it all in this quilt top.

This weekend I will quilt and bind it.  And maybe that is all I will get done and that is ok.  I am setting new, more reasonable goals.  One Project Linus quilt, finishing one WIP per month and then I will allow myself to work on a “new” project.

Find the gray. Find the gray.  Find the gray.

Happy February!