IMG_2695I can’t believe this quilt is finished.  11 months and done.  I used the Sunny Skies quilt pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The intended recipient was my stepson.  I have wanted to make him a quilt for a loooong time.  When I handed it to him, I said “Merry Christmas 2014”.  🙂

I love the fabric, I love the pattern, but the quilt felt monotonous to make.


But I am so over that because I love the results.  The pattern + fabric made for a good “dude” quilt.  The happy mistake of misplacing some of my grey fabric meant a modernish twist with the one yellow diamond.

I think he likes the quilt.  He used it as a “homework cave” over the weekend.


I had it quilted by Missouri Start Quilt Company – which was super fast and super good.  And I didn’t have to be self conscious about my sometimes not-flat seams.


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