I fell in love with the abstract portrait paintings of women done by Mari Ratanen during this show at the Kemper.  I loved the color and the shape and the concept.

When I needed to pick a project for my final of color theory class, I knew what I wanted to do – an abstract portrait of my mom in acrylic, framed in an embroidery hoop.  Unfortunately, my vision and my ability to paint didn’t synch.  sigh.


I used a very thin tape to tape the lines, but it didn’t peel cleanly, so I had to clean up the lines, which made them messier, and then the “c” didn’t fit in the frame well.  Lots of problems.

But I still loved the design and the concept.  So I rendered it in teeny tiny cross stitch.


And I lurvs it.  I love the colors, the design, and the execution.  I plan to design one that is a “portrait” of my stepdaughter.  Soon.  Lots of things to do.  🙂

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